Dandelions Are Not Weeds

The mountains called and I went.

“Sometimes when we are little we imagine how it would be to have wings, but there is no reason to suppose it is the same feeling birds have.”

—   John Steinbeck

Last night I had a dream about you,
But I don’t remember why.
I remember going to the moon,
And the ocean.
I remember seeing the sun set and the fires burn.
I remember the feeling of life in a dream,
But I don’t remember you.
What does that say about me?
What does that say about you?

I’m slowing down and getting tired,

Though my mind won’t rest.  

Is this what aging is?

It’s your turn now.

I wish I wrote this, it’s great. (25 years old and young)

This Isn’t A Quarter-Life Crisis: 25 Reasons Turning 25 Shouldn’t Be The End Of Youth As We Know It 

By Kaitlyn Cawley

1. You’re old enough to have regrets and young enough to right them.

2. You’re old enough to finance a trip and young enough to drop everything and go.

3. You’re old enough to rent a car and young enough to drive it anywhere.

4. You’re old enough to give advice and young enough to ignore it.

5. You’re old enough to be married and young enough not to be even considering it yet.

6. You’re old enough to choose which nights are worth it and young enough to go out anyway.

7. You’re old enough to write a book and young enough to have no time to read it.

8. You’re old enough to support your bar tabs and young enough to rack them up unapologetically.

9. You’re old enough to have a job and young enough to quit it.

10. You’re old enough to think YOLO is ridiculous and young enough to still yell it.

11. You’re old enough to enjoy a fine wine and young enough to still drink it from a box.

12. You’re old enough to have principles and young enough to contradict them.

13. You’re old enough to be $250,000 in debt and young enough not to own a credit card.

14. You’re old enough to cook and young enough to know the names of half the delivery men from Seamless.

15. You’re old enough to go to art shows and young enough to still think about becoming an artist.

16. You’re old enough to help your parents out and young enough to need them.

17. You’re old enough to succeed and prosper and young enough to fail and recover.

18. You’re old enough to meet someone special and young enough to ruin it.

19. You’re old enough to pay your rent and young enough to forget to.

20. You’re old enough to have lost friends and young enough to make more.

21. You’re old enough to date George Clooney and young enough to date George Clooney.

22. You’re old enough to know death and young enough to believe you’ll live forever.

23. You’re old enough to go to the doctor when you’re sick and young enough to want your mom’s chicken noodle soup instead.

24. You’re old enough to have a kid and you’re young enough to still act like one.

25. You’re old enough to have gotten your heart broken and young enough to have it break 20 more times.


Don't date a girl who travels...

I’m in Disney World, aka the happiest place on earth!  And therefore, I have forgotten completely about the outside world. Sorry!

And that’s why I hate Apple

I would like to take a minute to say how much I loath Apple and all things Apple.

I finally thought I got away from the devil-company, formally known as Apple, when I bought a new phone the other day.  It’s an android and it is beautiful and wonderful and all things nice.  Apple however, is being a child and is holding my texts from my iPhone friends hostage; a petty move, Apple.

Anyway, I have read every forum and tried everything bit of advice.  I have “unregistered” my accounts to my phone number, I have changed my phone number to 000-000-0000 on my Apple account, and I have turned off any and all switch on my old iPhone. All to no anvil.

Somewhere out there in internety-wifiy land my number is still associated with Apple, and therefore the devil still has my soul.

I can’t escape and it’s fueling my hatred.  You better watch out, Apple, I am a woman who is very upset with you.

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Morning showers

The most productive part of my day is when I take a shower in the morning.  

It’s where I make a mental list of things I have to get done in the day, where I have my most brilliant thoughts (only, I don’t have paper to write them down), where I brush my teeth, where my best singing happens, and where I drink my shower coffee. 

It all goes down hill from there.

“I could never pretend that I don’t love you. You could never pretend that I’m your man.”

—   Trampled by Turtles